EPS Foam Recycling

EPS Foam Recycling

At Styrofoam Industries we are heavily focused towards minimising our affect on the environment. By using waffle pods as the foundation of construction there is a 20-30% decrease in concrete used, hence a similar reduction in carbon and air emissions will occur. Environmental engineers state the reduction in concrete has a direct relationship with the reductions witnessed within carbon and air emissions. Also waffle pod slabs need less raw material (cement, iron, fuel, water, aggregate, and sand) to be formed compared to traditional slabs, hence, the system is also more environmentally sustainable.

Our Strategy

✔  Producing no ozone depleting gases during the manufacturing process (CFC and VOC free)

✔  Recycling leftover material – Reducing amount of waste in landfills

✔  Collecting all off-cuts to reuse

✔  Recycling all packaging used

Drop-off at our warehouse

Feel welcome to drop-off any uncontaminated expanded polystyrene at our warehouse to get recycled free of costs. Please arrange a drop-off time via phone or email beforehand.

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